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If you want to buy a lot of Skill Extractor - please ask operator about estimated delivery time. Because supply of big amounts it always a hard work connected with security of the transaction. BQ team always doing best to find safest ISK source for you. That's why it may take additional time.

This is digital item and buying it you confirm that after you received your item(s) you there no refunds or returns.

Skill Extractor


Delivery methods


Ordered Skill Extractors will be gifted for your character(s) through New Eden Store. Items will appear in "Redeem items" you don’t need to be online. Easy and safe!

16.99 $
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This item can be activated to create a Skill Injector by selecting 500,000 skill points to be removed from your character.

When skill extraction is complete, the Skill Extractor will be consumed. 

Delivery Terms

To receive EXTRACTOR order you don’t need to be online or docked at any special station. Delivery taking place through New Eden Store. Extractors will be donated as a gift for your character, just check redeem items once we say that donation is complete.

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