About EVE BQ store

EVE BQ store is a new name of well known EVE online store - BQ Store. We made rebranding since there are lots of similar company names around the world, like BQ mobile phones or B&Q furniture shop.

EVE BQ store is the biggest, best and most secure EVE Online RMT store. Since 2014, when we started to sell our goods at eBay our company supplied more than 300 trillions ISK. Meanwhile percentage of transactions spotted by CCP Game Masters lower than 0.01% (completed orders vs confirmed bans). This why EVE BQ store is a safest bay in RMT sea and thousands of pilots docking to it every day!

In our store you will find fair prices and safest delivery methods. We working only with ISK produced by real people, no botting, macro use, hacked accounts, plex from stolen credit cards and so on. And to confirm words written above - we always offering full money refund (or negative ISK wallet compensation) for customers which were caught by EVE Online Game Masters. Our company offering wide range of products and services, except traditional products like ISK, PLEX or Skill Injectors we also working with Capital Ships (delivery to your home system is possible), Own character bazaar with trained pilots or Characters with unallocated skill points.

EVE BQ store - amazing EVE Online services shop