1. No, EVE BQ store is not an official or authorized store by CCP games. Basically all transactions taking place here are against EVE Online EULA and usually called as "RMT". However we trying to make all transactions look like legit in game exchange and chances to be tracked are very very small.

    2. No you can’t. permanent bans are only for ISK sellers. Worst thing that can happen with your account 3-7 days of suspension + warning. In most cases it’s just a warning "not to buy from players who offer ISK for real money".

    3. Theoretically you can. But we strongly advise you don’t do it, because of 2 reasons:

      1. Your account is already flagged with RMT and it may be additionally tracked for suspicious operations. This can harm our pilots which we used for delivery and our other customers.

      2. Result of the second warning from CCP GM usually follows with a permanent ban for all of your accounts. However you can still buy from another PC, using another IP address and account not somehow connected with a warned account (like email, similar logins, etc.)

      PLEASE NOTE: according to our refund policy we DON'T refund or somehow compensate negative ISK wallets to customers who ignored CCP warnings happened in a result of buying from another ISK stores.

    4. We deliver only to the characters older than 40 days because we think that newly registered pilots are additionally tracked by GM's for RMT transactions. However if you have a young toon in the same account or at the other account which logged with the same PC with your main - you can use it without any restrictions.

      PLEASE NOTE: If you think that you will register a new account > buy items > transfer it to the main character somehow will be safer for your main - you are wrong. In this case you are involved in much higher risk than usual transfer in case you flag a new pilot with suspicious operations. In the end GM’s will punish sellers and end ISK users.

    1. EVE BQ store uses various delivery methods and they depend on what type of items you purchased. All methods are described at the items page, just take a look. 99% of deliveries were completed at Jita 4-4 CNAP. You also can ask for space delivery at Perimeter.

    2. The EVE BQ store team invented some tricks to avoid CCP RMT hunters. Basically all ways look like legit exchange and let us show you how: we ask to fill any trade or contract with various cheap items and transactions looks like "we forget items inside one of the ships or got scammed with another "firesale" contract".

    3. First of all items should be mixed with various types (ammo, ships, bpc, fit parts, fuel etc) more items in the contract / trade = more safety. Secondly - most of the items must be "colored" fraction, officer, tier 2, or higher. This is necessary to make visibility of real "scam". The EVE BQ store team has some examples of this item sets, and we provide characters with the examples with every order, ask us if you need further assistance.

    1. EVE BQ store is a single store around the web which offering refunds or ISK negative wallet compensation in case of getting caught by CCP GM. We pretty sure in our security system and at this moment chance of getting caught is around 0.0000013% (based on delivered orders / confirmed bans).

      How it works: if an issue happened you need to submit ticket to CCP support looks like "I've been punished for RMT please provide when and what character traded me RMT isk, because i didn't do something like this" soon you will get response with all the details of the transaction, if our character been involved you will get the refund or compensation.

    2. At this moment we are accepting only PayPal. However IBAN transfer is possible as well.

      As soon as we will add additional payment gateways this topic will be updated.

    1. EVE BQ store offer a wide range of cooperation for all suppliers. We gladly cooperate with single time deals or supplies on a regular basis. There you will always find one of the best or best ISK price offers around the web, instant payment and so on.

      We operating with: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Bank transfers, BTC (ask operator for more details).

      Please note:

      1. We send payments right after you transfer us ISK or items, we don’t pay first for understandable reasons.

      2. Right after payment was sent, PayPal might suspend transactions for 21 day if your account new or payment was detected as suspicious, we will not press the "confirm receipt" button till we will make sure that your ISK was clean and no one will be banned for them. We can't somehow return such payments but we promise that we will never raise any dispute without reason. Thank you for understanding and feel free to contact us with any questions.

    2. If you want to sell your character / characters to EVE BQ store you need to complete following steps for transaction and account safety:

      1. Create completely new email without any reserve emails or phone numbers.

      2. Switch account(s) to it, log out from every EVE services (launcher, website, account management and so on).

      3. Do not log in to any listed above services again for 24 hours.

      4. When all these steps were done please contact the EVE BQ store team again with the following information: your Country, City, Graphic card model. We require this information for VPN and virtual machine settings + this helps make visibility that this account still belongs to you, but you moved to new location and it is will not look suspicious.

      5. Now we are ready to accept account login information from you. Payment will arrive as soon as we check that the account looks like you described before.

      PLEASE NOTE: We ask to follow up these steps according to our previous experience. It helps to avoid any blocks or account suspensions and save a lot of time. Thank you!

  1. According to end user agreement of most payment operators like PayPal or credit card payment gateways selling items which are marked as intellectual property or registered trade mark is forbidden. EVE Online and all stuff inside it falls under this definition.

    So this is why we decided to make another website with products which are allowed to sell. We did this to avoid any suspensions and money losses. It’s understandable that this is looking suspicious but there are only 2 ways: deal like this or don’t work at all, we choose the 2nd path.

    Don’t worry, right after you paid for "consultations" you will receive ordered items in the usual way with lighting speed. As always :)