Greetings, Pilot! o7

If you are reading this you might be looking for to become a supplier for BQ EVE. We are happy that you’ve chosen our company for ISK / Character cashout. For better communication, please read the information below.

BQ EVE working either with one time deal and regular basis supply.


Price is always dynamic and changing ofter.

For character buying rate, please visit characters selling page (link) there you will find simple calculator and will know how much your character worth.

Why should you work with EVE BQ store

  • Always high ISK buying rate
  • Payment will arrive instantly right after the deal. No any kind of suspensions.
  • Fast and professional communications.
  • Wide range of payment methods including international bank transfers
  • Most secure exchange methods. No need to worry about the bans.
  • Unlimited buying possibilities. We can buy any ISK amounts in short timeframe.

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