Additional information

If you want to buy a lot of ISK - please ask operator about estimated delivery time. Because supply of big amounts it always a hard work connected with security of the transaction. BQ team always doing best to find safest ISK source for you. That's why it may take additional time.

This is digital item and buying it you confirm that after you received your item(s) you there no refunds or returns.



Delivery methods


You need to create a contract with items to our character or corporation. Information about what items you need to put inside contracts you can find at FAQ or any operator.


You need to create fake scam contracts at Jita 4-4 CNAP station and we will buy them. Not useable at any situation. BQ operator may change method for security reasons.


This method is for large ISK orders (30B+), you join our corporation and withdraw isk from offered division. BQ operator may change method for security reasons.

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ISK is an interstellar credit. This is the main currency in EVE Online.

With ISK you can buy anything in the game.

Delivery Terms

To receive an ISK order you must create contracts with our corporation or character with lots of different cheap colored in-game items or BPC. We ask this because in this way the deal looks like you scammed someone with a fake “hangar fire sale” contract. This way is rather more secure than direct ISK donations or “empty”’ contracts.

We will send you instructions on how to create a contract and where you can buy items for it.

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