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ISK / PLEX and Skill Injectors


Perks of EVE BQ store

EVE BQ store Over 6 years of flawless work

Over 6 years of flawless work

All this year's EVE BQ store helps thousands of our customers to get amazing EVE experience without an annoying farm. We started at eBay but still continue to provide our services here.

EVE BQ store More than Quadrillion ISK supplied

More than Quadrillion ISK supplied

With your help and our extremely safe delivery ways we crossed this line. This number showing that EVE BQ store is trustable partner to work with.

EVE BQ store Fast and secure delivery

Fast and secure delivery

We deliver orders usually in 5-10 minutes right after you placed an order. Chance to getting caught for RMT is around 0.000013% according to our statistics.

EVE BQ store Legit ISK sources

Legit ISK sources

EVE BQ store is cooperating only with trusted and reliable suppliers. All our ISK gathered aren't from macrousing (bots) or any punishable fraud activities. This is how we minimize any possible risks.

EVE BQ store Feedbacks and reviews

Feedbacks and reviews

Our company have thousands of positive reviews at different places. For example only at eBay we have 2600+ positive feedbacks. Now you can see our efficiency at TrustPilot.

EVE BQ store Refund policy

Refund policy

If you get caught for RMT using our service we will refund your order or compensate the negative ISK wallet balance. Without any questions.

Our customers love us!

Milk Weed
United States
Fast and friendly!
South Korea
Fast and accurate delivery!
Omar Alvarez
Always quick and good service without problems.
United States
Quick and painless service.
United States
They are 100 percent reliable and trustworthy. After ten or so orders I've never been disappointed! Highly recommended!
Troy Fearn
United Kingdom
Excellent service polite and good instructions.
Jesús Cataluña Montejo
Incredible service.
Very good & they respond very fast unlike other people